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Event Lighting

Whether you need a Disc Jockey or not, Volume Entertainment is here to make any event even more special with our lighting effects.

From basic uplighting to packages or full night-club lighting, Volume Entertainment is your source for all lighting needs for any type of event.


Lighting packages vary so we perform an on site survey to come up with the best package for your wedding.

The following are the lighting packages we offer with or without our DJ Services.


Dance Floor Lighting
This is when we project colored light on to the dance floor so your guests are not dancing in a dark room. This could also be lighting for band/DJ. Most of the time the lighting is mounted on a stand to the left and right of the band/DJ and elevated about 8-12 feet in the air. Different patterns can be projected on the floor to add depth and design.


Monogram Projection
A light will project you monogram (initials) on to the dance floor and/or wall. You may commonly see this called a "gobo". You supply us with the monogram (or we can create one for you), we custom order and place the monogram in the fixture. The fixture will then be elevated over the band/DJ. The monogram is projected on the floor/wall for the entire event.


Wall Washing/Up Lighting
Fixtures are placed at the bottom of the walls so the light can be projected up the entire wall. Depending on the package, the fixtures can be 5 feet apart up to 15 feet apart.The closer they are, the fuller the color

LED Dance Floor Lighting
Four LED Lights with a variety of colors, presents different lighting patterns and changes colors on the dance floor that syncs up with chosen music.

Club Floor Lighting
There is no better way to spend your celebration, then dancing the night away. This package includes high end club atmophosphere lighting.

Starry Night Lighting
Imagine dancing in the open star light sky, this package includes turning the ceiling of your venue into a Starry Night sky, often paired with our Dancing on the Clouds package.

We also offer lighting for outdoor weddings. Please contact us with any questions involving an outdoor reception.

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